Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hay Season 2011 - Part 2

This is the beginning of the first load of bales....John looks ready to get it done!

This is what John looked like after the 5th load of bales!!! LOL!!! We actually found this mask in the barn and John scared his sister with it! We need humor to get thru the day!

Here you can see the truck and tractor getting ready to start making bales of the grass that has been drying for 3 or 4 days in the wind rows....
When it's a hot day this cab must be wonderful - air conditioning!!!

It's two fields that we picked up you can see the other one past the dip with trees growing in it...

I think it's so cool to watch the bales get formed and tied by the baler....can you imagine how hard it used to be in the old days when people used wagons, horses and a lot of pitchforks?!!!
Below you see Al in the cab, always helping us to learn about the fields and the process of making hay, THANK YOU Al, every year you are there and we really appreciate everything you do. John, in the hat, is my hubby and Alex is his step-nephew and the helper of the day, he worked side by side with John all day and helped us bring in all those bales!! Thank you Alex!!!

John's little sister drove the van and did a damn good job of it, no one got run over!!! She also took all these pictures which is why you don't see her in them! Then of course there is Lindsey (see below picture), she bucked just as many bales as the guys, our daughter is one tough lady!! That head of fuzzy hair to the left is me, I threw them up and she stacked...or we'd switch, what ever it took to get it done! 320 bales...but we had to load them up into the van, then drive over to the barn and unload into the barn...so it was like handling 640 bale....each one twice...ugh! And we've got several fields left to go, if it wasn't raining this whole last week we'd probably be out there still!!
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