Friday, July 27, 2012

J-Made Loom

I've got a puzzle - I have an 8-shaft J Made Loom without a manual so I'm looking at the pedals and lamms and trying to figure out how to do a tie up. At the top left is a green circle showing the eyes that come out of the lamms and some white cords coming out of the eyes; middle of the picture is a green circle showing - well I'm not sure what the words for this are but I think the pin comes out and you insert something between the metal hoops and then put the pin back guess. The last green circle, lower right, shows how the bungee cords come out of the pedals....not sure what bungee cords do...can't imagine the shafts bobbing up and down...but there it is. I may have the wrong name but until someone tells me different I'm calling them lamms.....Now how do you suppose I'm supposed to do the tie up for a straight twill with two for plain weave?


Vicky said...

UPDATE: LJ in WA said the bungie cords probably tie up to an eye on a stationary beam or 2x4 and indeed there is a beam that is fixed to the main frame that has several eyes in it. This would allow the pedals to go up and down smoothly and why you need to 'lock' the pedals into the holding notches at the other end.

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