Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Season Begins 2013

February Babies!!!

Melody gave birth to two doelings last week and everyone is doing fine! The babies are already running up and down the pasture causing havoc everywhere they go!!! The milk is all going to the babies right now, but I do manage to sneak in a cup or less sometimes so I can put it in my coffee...YUM!!


Janice Hebert said...

Hi Vicky, I'm hoping to see more of your farm this year, love reading about the goats and your fiber art. Did you ever overdye that rug you were twining a few years ago? Would love to see a photo of the finished rug. As I said i my last comment I'm working on one but I'm not fond of the colors, maybe when it's finished it will look different. I'm on the North East Atlantic side of the country in Topsfield, Massachusetts. I'd love to get some fiber goats and sheep someday. Do you think 60 is too old to learn goat husbandry? We have chickens and used to have Pygmy goats when the girls were young. Now I have grandchildren! Blessings, Jan

Vicky said...

Janice - check out the new site at I"m slowly moving things over to the new site.