Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hay Season 2011 - Part 1

We've struck a deal with the owner of the barn and are going to store a portion of the hay crop in here for the winter.
It was build by some people we know and rebuild about 15 years ago, used to be part of a dairy homestead so it's quite old. The owner's folks homesteaded here and raised their family, he's now in his 80's and rents out the original home to a lady with horses. She doesn't really use the barn so we get to.

Below is the small door (stoop down or you'll hit your forehead!) that leads to the lower level where we stored half the hay. You can see the van we use to collect the bales from the field and deliver to the barn for storage.

Below is the old milking parlor, looks like it has stantions for about 6 cows at a time.

The fencing is all old and weathered, the fields are full of red seed heads of the grass we feed all winter long.

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Michelle said...

It's very picturesque! I love old barns and old wood....