Friday, May 28, 2010

Hansville Creamery

Hansville Creamery Goes To Market!!

The kids are selling milk! Ok, not the goat kids, my children! We've been going to the farmers market in Poulsbo for the last few weeks and it's been great. People are really suprized when they taste our milk cause it doesn't have that 'goatie' flavor they seem to expect. It's all in the diet, we feed alfalfa hay and a special dairy mix which they only get when they are on the stand being milked, it helps keep them busy while we get all that milk!

It's a nice sunny day in the first picture, which is not what I see now when I look outside! It's pouring rain! I looked at the radar on K5TV and it’s a solid mass of green and yellow, it’s a wet day all day according to the weatherman. I suppose that's good, it means I'll not have to water the garden today! But milking is going to be a muddy sporting event...did you know that goats hate rain? All the goats are hiding in the barn! I see an occasional nose stuck around the corner as if to answer the eternal question – is she coming yet? Nope! She’s not there yet! Is that her? Nope! That’s the stupid chicken laying eggs under the feeder! Is that her? Nope! But she let the dogs out so she should be coming soon!
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Michelle said...

My son just asked me the other day if he could taste fresh goats' milk sometime and I said sure - if we ever found some! Wish you were closer; are you going to Black Sheep Gathering?

Vicky said...

Not this year, but there are several dairys in Oregon who would love to help you find some for your son!! Get on and look for some in your state. Good luck!!