Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hansville Creamery is open!

We're so excited!!!
The girls are finally producing some wonderful sweet milk!

Here is Chief and the babies, we put them outside for a few hours to play in the sun with Chief to look after them.
Here are two paying King of the Rock!
Here are the babies and Chief making sure everyting is safe, the little one next to him is my favorite little doe, she so tiny she was only 5lbs when she was born!! But she makes up for it in moxie, she trounces all the larger boys as she is so light she can walk over their backs to get to the bottle with milk!!
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Jacob said...

What do your goats eat normally?
Thinking about buying some milk!

Vicky said...

I'd say ours are pasture fed, mainly becuase they can eat their weight in alfalfa hay and fresh grass!!