Sunday, July 5, 2009

Washing Mohair Fleeces

So here is the patio and my fleece washing station (until DH finds me a new spot). You can see I've got buckets for sinks and a planting flat to pour the fleeces/water into that serves as a strainer (see behind blue bucket on right). On the banister is Cinnamon's fleece, see Thursdays April 30th to see pics of me shearing him, he's so big I had to divide it up into two and use two 5gal buckets to wash it in.
Here you can see the cascading curls....each one is at least 8" long and some are double that. I didn't shear him for a year so I could see if I could use the longer curls in something like a fleece woven rug or perhaps in core spun yarn that I can weave or knit into a vest or what ever.

The one problem I've got with his fleece is that it's hard to dis-entangle the curls, I'm sure given an evening alone with my spinning wheel I'll figure something out.
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