Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kitsap County Fair 2008

Well, another year of fairs is almost over for us! We always help in the Kitsap Weavers & Spinners Guild booth, that's me and my youngest daughter doing a spinning demonstration. We didn't do the whole fair this year, just the afternoon shifts for three days. With milking and feeding the goats we can't do more than that for awhile.I managed to skip posting here last week because of the fair so I made a promise to myself to post twice this week to make up for it!

The next photo is of my daughters blue ribbon yarn. She harvested the wool from her Angora Bunnies, mixed it with some wool, dyed up bunches (see previous post about dying) of wool and angora, then carded it together, and finally spun it up. I got a second place ribbon with my black n'brown wool that I Navajo plied (first try).
50 Ways To Weave Your Color
Here you see that I FINALLY finished my warp off from the class I took two years ago! I decided to do finger towels with the remaining warp, it's 8/2 cotton and the colors are lovely. Now I just have to dig out the sewing machine and sew the hems - I don't think it will ever get done if I try and finish it off by hand!

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