Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mystery Loom - 4 shaft floor loom

I picked up another loom today! This one is a 25" weaving width floor loom with 4 shafts and 6 treddles. There are no distinguishing marks so I've no idea who made this little compact loom. It's got a strange way of lifting shafts, I figured out that it's a Jack style loom, what I thought were double lams were not! So I've got a nice little Jack style 4 shaft that is REALLY sturdy! Look at all those bolts!

I picked it up in a rummage sale to benifit the local community center for a very small amount, so I'm tickled pink!!

Here in this shot you see the bottom of the shafts just above the rockers which are just above the lams that are shown in the photo below.

In this second picture you see the bottom lams that are tied to the treddles.

Since it's a 4 shaft I think I'll try some double width fabric and see if I can do some mohair throws. And a few mohair shawls should be rather easy on a loom like this. nice and easy and small enough to fit in the livingroom so I can weave and watch tv with the rest of the family.
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