Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian, Chief

Here is our boy, Chief! He turned 2 years old in Januray and the lights went on and he started guarding the sheep, chickens, cats, and small dogs!! We're still working with the goats, not because he's not good with them but because they are still scared silly of a big dog in their area. I introduced him again (after living next to them for the last year) to the goats and things are going well in the last few weeks, I even caught Chief licking the bucks ear - and Cochise was letting him!
This is a look: Can I get a cookie?

Here is his way of lounging so he looks like he is awake...his head is wedged in a square to hold it up so he can sleep and not look like he's asleep! Smart dog!!! That'll fool the coons!!

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