Monday, January 11, 2010

Winding a Warp & Other Things

Happy New Year!

A new year to start new projects! I resolve to get more done!

Funny Picture
Here is Twink, the cat, and CoCo the dog taking naps side by side on their easy chairs...usually reserved for humans but since they were empty I suppose they are fair game!
Here is the part where I get more done...I wound a warp!! It's the towels from Handwoven's issue Jan/Feb 2006, I really like those colors so I bought the yarn and let it sit for the last 4 years! Can't believe it's been that long! Oh well! IT's done! I got the warp done!
Now I just have to dress the loom...sleigh the reed, thread the heddles, and wind it on. Or visa versa if I decide to do it back wards, which I might. I'll start tomorrow and thread 1/4 and take a break and see how I feel! I probably won't get it all done in one day but at least I'll get it started!
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