Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter at the farm, Blue Passed Over The Rainbow Bridge

Update, Blue was 18 1/2 years old when he suffered a stroke last week and passed over the rainbow bridge. He was greeted by his old friends Sandy and Twila who passed over earlier last year. He was my ambasador on the farm, he was always ready to greet new animals to the farm and assure them they had indeed arived at their forever home where they would be happy and well cared for.

Here is Blue the cat catching a snooze in a sunbeam, he was not yet aware that it moved and he hadn't! This was a favorite spot for blue and is where I found him the morning he passed on. I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted! It's been really busy here, even though it's the end of the season for the dairy and I have fewer milk chores to do. Starting just before Thanksgiving I dried up all the does except Melody who is still giving about a quart a day now so I can still keep the house in milk. But it won't last long as I have to dry her up by the middle of December so she has 2+ months to devote to growing her babies for next spring.

This is a wonderful sign made by some dear friends who brought it over as a complete suprise!!

Here is Chief, he's keeping an eye on the herd while also catching a snooze on the fence!

Here is another reason I've been busy, I've been makign soap for the holidays in many different molds, I love the cat of course, but also really like the new snowflake ones I just got.

I finally got my twining loom finished and warped it up last August. You can see I've got about 7 inches of weaving done on both ends. I will use another color sheet to do another two sections and then repete going back and forth with the different colors. For now this is being stored in the knitting room as I've got to get going with my Christmas knitting and this is just in the way.

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