Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dairy

Well the dairy is almost done!!! Above is the milking parlor, we still have a little left to do on the walls, like paint them, but it's ready to use and I'm so happy to finally be in out of the weather again!

Above is the new handwashing station next to the door that we put in about a week ago, and below you can see the large 3 compartment sink we put in to clean and sanitize the equipment. And I know it's boring but there is the equipment rack beyond the fridge, with the ice bath cooler and the glass jugs with their strainers on them waiting to be filled with milk! Inspector is coming on Friday to see what we've done and let us know what else needs to be acomplished...whew! it's almost done!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great Job!!! Very excited to hear the news about your dairy!