Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alpine & Angora Goat Babies 2009

The first three Angora Goat babies have been born! They are so cute with their curly hair and tiny bodies. Here three of them decide to take a nap in the hay bin!

It's been so cold lately we cut off sleeves from some old sweatshirts and cut holes for the front legs and put them on the babies to help keep them warm.

This is Ivy and her two new babies born on Valentines Day- We decided to call them Val & Tino!
Here is Val & Tino (in black sweatshirts) with Bounce (tan sweatshirt) & Downey (pink sweatshirt) in their play area. They cuddle together in a box which helps to keep them warm. I think we'll need another box real soon as Cari is due next and she is so large I think she's going to give tirpplets!
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Miss Mac said...

It is so good to see all those little guys& gals doing well.
Hope all the mommies are doing good too. Sorry to hear about Bounces mommy. And good luck to the next little one that is about to come along.