Monday, January 12, 2009

Chief - Livestock Guardian Dog

Chief, with the girls in the background.

Obviously the girls aren't as thrilled about the new addition to their pasture in this shot. I let him move around a bit and then put him in another pasture next door to the girls so they could eye eachother from across the electric fence. As soon as the girls accept him we'll move him in permanently. Right now he stays in the barn at night and the girls are closed up in the nursery so they don't feel so stressed. Chief has been here for almost a week now and the girls are starting to warm up to him, when I take him for walks inside their pen they don't run and a few of them come up to me for loves and to sniff Chief out! I'm encouraged, Chief is too cause I can tell he just wants to be friends.

A friend came over and Chief was a gentleman about her arival, only barked a bit, but when she moved over to the goats to say hi he was really wary and I was pleased to see him concerned for 'his' girls, I think it's only a matter of time before he and the goats are great friends!
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