Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making & Canning Jam

Making Jam!!!

DH & I decided we better start taking care of all the fruit we have around here before the fruit flies learn of our collection and destroy it all! We pitted some beautiful blue plums and filled a one gallon zip lock bag, and then I got the jars boiling to sterilize them while DH pulverized them in the blender skins and all. Then we boiled the mixture with pectin and sugar and voila! We got eight 12oz jars of plumb jam. Then we started in on 4lbs of apples and stirred in cloves, cinnamon, and allspice and boiled it all down to make apple butter and after boiling the five half-pint jars and then filling them with apple butter we processed in boiling water for another 7 minutes.

So we got a total of 13 jars of canned fruit for this winter!! Yeah!! We still have two boxes of apples to go through adn about 15lbs of pears to ripen and can as well. This is fun!! I used to help my SIL many years ago but never did this myself, so I'm really quite proud of us!!
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