Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainbow Angora & Wool Hand Spun Yarn

Once more I'm trying to get my fiber 'stuff' done. It seems like the more I do the more there is to do!!! Today I washed out 19 hanks of yarn that we spun up recently and they are now hanging out on the back porch under the canopy so the sun doesn't get them. My daughter dyed these and then blended the fiber on our cottage carder and then spun them up. They are a mix of angora and wool, with the green ones on the left being 100% angora, and the orange ones on the right a 50/50 blend of wool and angora.

I've got some of my ewe's wool on the wheel now that I just finished processing into a light weight yarn, I'm going to ply it using the Andean plying method and then wash and set the twist. If I can get enough of it done by the end of the month I'd like to knit a simple blanket for my DH, he does so much around here (and works too) I think he deserves a blanket just for him.

Here is another project I'm working on, it's recycled t-shirt yarn that I'm crocheting into a bath mat for my DD's bathroom. So far I've used up 3 old white t-shirts and I've got two more to de-struct and turn into yarn. I might have to go to the Good Will and get a couple more to finish it off if it's not long enough. The old cotton fibers absorb the water from your feet and make a nice texture under the toes too! I'm going to make another one just like it for the doggie jail room - which is the laundry room, when the dogs come in with wet feet they have to stay there for awhile until their feet dry or they'll get in real trouble when I sit on the couch and find wet spots!!Posted by Picasa

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