Monday, July 21, 2008

Pacific Northwest Fiber Arts

I never have time to sit down and actually compose a blog post for myself - time management isn't something I'm good at! But I'm going to persevere and make a promise that I'll post something at least once a week!!

I've been concentrating on getting some fleeces processed, I've got 7 mohair fleeces from this spring that need to be cleaned and spun up as well as 4 Shetland fleeces that also need to be spun up. A few days ago I started washing and picking two black wool fleeces and yesterday my daughter started carding it up for me (on our Patrick Green Cottage Carder) while I started processing one of the brown ones. I love the Shetland wool, it's so soft and I can't wait to get spinning this stuff up!

We are also working on the mountain of angora we've accumulated, light as a feather but takes a lot of space! Lindsey & I died some blue the other day and it's about as yummy as can be! Lindsey is going to spin it up and skein it for a show we have coming up in November. I hope to have a good time at the Art In The Woods Studio Tour this year: this is kind of getting out of my comfort zone as I've never done a show before, just sold things online and to other designers.

Below is a picture of some coopworth I forgot about, it's clean and ready to spin up!

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N. Maria said...

Wow! That is a beautiful fleece!
My mother sent me several and I bought some, too. I only want more!